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Vizio s5430w-c2 soundbar hook up, ask a question

This slideshow requires JavaScript. I'm still searching for a setting that will fix this. While the SW-C2 allows you to connect an external subwoofer, the embedded bass modules union nacional sinarquista yahoo dating a good job at processing most low frequencies.

The width of the sound bar matches up almost perfectly but the audio is far better. The dedicated center channel really helped in separating the dialogue from the rest of the audio mix. I'm not qualified to give a tutorial. Of course you can add a sub quite easily if you want to.

I personally enjoyed using the DTS TruSurround functionality with music, though this is largely up to user preference. There is no audio until you power up the soundbar separately a minor nuisance, but still a nuisance.

VIZIO S5430W-C2 Sound Bar Review: Great Sound, No Lag

Optical and Coaxial digital inputs are provided along with two stereo analog inputs. Ensure that you have an HDMI 1.

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I have to adjust the controls to hear what is being said. Additionally, the sound bar provides for a better stereo sound field with compelling bass despite the lack of a dedicated subwoofer.

It throws a wide, deep soundstage that makes you feel like you are part of the concert audience.

Vizio S5430W-C2 0 soundbar

The quality of the audio, especially the midrange, was good and there was more than enough volume to drive heavy metal or other loud rock and roll full disclosure is that I always played high resolution audio and no lorez MP3. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.

Since it is IR and not RF you still need to point it to the bar for it to work, but it works well. Most sound bars fall well short here with a thin, narrow soundstage that makes you want a pair of bookshelf speakers.

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This manages to expose a pair of flaws in the SW-C2. Mine was HDMI port 1. The simulated surround effects work reasonably well as the sound stage from the Vizio is very large. There is also a noticeable dip at 3 kHz where it is around 3.

Even with the surround modes disabled, sounds came from far beyond the edges of the bar and it does a wonderful job of putting musicians in their place. If you then power up the soundbar, the TV automatically turns the internal speakers off, and audio is routed to the soundbar.

The remote works in the usual line-of-sight that is a hallmark of IR. In terms of available speakers, the SW-C2 provides 3 separate channels for left, right, and center tracks. Being a receiver guy myself, my current home setup includes a Denon 5.

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The width of the sound bar certainly helps with music as well, spreading the soundstage further than most sound bars on the market today. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the wide soundstage that the SW-C2 offered, exceeding my expectations on what to expect from a sound bar.

Without a subwoofer, the Vizio SW-C2 has usable bass response down to 70 Hz and then it drops off steeply. Movies and TV sound better with it and music playback is good enough to pick it over a pair of bookshelf speakers.

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The flatness of the overall frequency response is good but the steep roll-off is the trade-off from using a single driver for all frequencies and the lack of a subwoofer. While the Vizio produces enough bass for most people, having to use a wired subwoofer with it means few people will add one on later.

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Finally, there is a subwoofer output if you want to add some additional bass. Great sound, needs more instructions Average rating: With a single full-range driver for each channel, vocals on this track are lost in the rest of the music.

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Instead of just expanding an existing sound bar to make it fit a larger TV they rethought it. Vocals are clear as the dedicated center channel handles those and frees up the left and right channels for the rest of the soundtrack. There is both a steep roll-off in the bass and one in the treble, possibly from the use of a single driver for all frequencies.

This is many times easier to read than having a panel on the sound bar which is often hard if not impossible to read anyway. Watching the Seahawks crush the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year, the Vizio kept up with the game without an issue. There was some distortion with very low frequencies if you crank the bass setting too high, so keep that in mind when delivering full range audio to the SW-C2.

Just use your TV input to change between devices.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

When it gets to the very loud, crashing drums at the end I found myself missing a dedicated subwoofer as well. But, with that said, it still performed better than average, especially when when compared to the speakers in the TV or similarly priced sound bars sans sub. With wall mounting hardware and a template included in the box, placing it on the wall is simple.

I had listened to far fewer sound bars then and expected very little from it.

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Unfortunately, the soundbar does not automatically power up when the TV is powered up. This is a generous inclusion, considering that a lot of devices on the market today require you to supply your own cables.

The LCD screen helps keep the amount of buttons to a minimum, which I personally loved. With how well the SW-C2 performs for everything else it would really make it the head of the class. The soundbar is great, the sound is magnificent, but instructions for configuring everything are sadly insufficient.

Beck is clearly anchored in the center of the mix while instruments surround him.