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It was recently adjudged 25 in the top wines of by Wine Enthusiast magazine and that is definitely a commendation worth celebrating. Nilgiris is a supermarket chain in South India. Long after the sip, one can still recollect the taste of toasted coffee on the palate.

Only a small portion of the wines are sold under its own label.

Wine in India

Nicolas Mirguet Bangalore with its global appeal has taken on the wine culture with absolute panache. Karina Aggarwal Jan 19, No year should ever begin without some sort of comprehensive booze list. Both had the same essential flavour profile, the same white wine brands in bangalore dating of oak-ageing.

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But neither was for me. India has always had a sparkling relationship with wine. Offering some of the choicest of exquisite wines, this city based winery also offers wine tours for the discerning wine lover.

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Champagne brands are named after the houses that produce them. Later on we will list our top 10 favorite brands for each type of white wine. Kinvah is all about refined tastes and fine living.

Top Ten White Wine Brands

Then came a short vertical tasting — one that held interest for me personally. Champagne One of the most popular white wines in the world. It will be interesting to track as it ages.

People have different reasons for eating or drinking what they do. It is nectar to the palate, euphoria to the senses and intrigue to the intellect, making life richer in every sense. Champagne goes hand in hand with celebrations and festive events. I believe that with the VA white, you need good food to show it at its best.

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Set amidst lovely ambience is the tasting setup, where you can taste five different varieties of wine over an hour and a half whilst listening to relaxing music in the air conditioned cellar; the tour ends with a delightful lunch.

Search Indian Wines Indian wines are getting increased recognition in the international market with time.

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Offering both red and white wines, Myra specialises in stylised wines in regular and vintage modes, which will make your wine drinking experience come alive.

Thenow a good six-years old, was softer on the palate than its younger sibling, the tannins mellowed and smoothed, the red fruit still noticeable but receding into more complex aromas. This place is a temple of culinary artistry and science. This entrepreneurial start-up by an investment banker is just over 3 years and promises to be taking wine appreciation beyond their usual expectations.

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Rs in Maharashtra 8. Groceries sell no matter what the state of the. She recently visited Jaipur and Chandigarh and the trips were a revelation to her. Beer, wine and spirits delivered to your door. The first wine under the wine brand came out in and since that time, the company has endeavored to maintain its excellent quality.

It was the first marketing- savvy wine company in India and had initially positioned itself in the premium segment, giving high quality and selling at high price. Chardonnay is an oak flavored white wine that pairs well with heavy meals.

An ideal setting for a mini wine tour in Bangalore, Olive serves champagne, bubbles, sparkling, red and white wines that are exquisitely collected from all over the world.

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Medical Association says the sales of alcohol at supermarkets is. The city also boast of vineyards that are usually located within a short driving distance and offers pleasant and ecstatic wine tours in Bangalore.

Rs in Maharashtra 4. Produced from premium quality French grapes grown in the apt climate of Bijapur, this marquee label of Nandi Valley heralds the arrival of an Indian wine that's on par with legendry French and Italian wines.

Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz Dindori by Sula was the first wine to use the name of a region on its label, so in a way it was almost like a single-vineyard wine.

Homemade Red Wine

Top Ten White Wine Brands 1. Kinvah, the flagship brand of Nandi Valley Winery is named after an exotic wine of the Mauryan Era; it is tribute to the rich wine heritage of India that is chronicled in the Purana's and Ithihasas's.

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This variety of grape is used to make both kinds of white wine, sweet white wine and even dry white wine. Conducted all through the year, these tours are also laced with various food pairing packages that will enchant your day with different flavours. Muscat Moscato is produced from Muscat grapesthis is a versatile species that can be used to make many kinds of white wines like table wine, dessert wine low alcohol percentagesparkling white wine and even fortified wine.

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Redolent with aromas of apricot and peaches with traces of vanilla from the oak. This white wine has a certain feel of class to it. We offer delicious ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner. Gewurztraminar Produced from a kind of pink or red colored grape, it is an aromatic grape species.

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This wine brand is light in nature and retains the taste of grapes used to produce this wine. I see a lot. The popular food court, adjoined to the supermarket on the second floor, offers.