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Zoom a academia de super herois online dating, culturalizando sua internet!

If the cheerleaders treated Summer horribly before she became a member of the Zoom netzwerk switch testsieger dating, what does it say that they accept her as a member of the team because she has powers that make them look good, dresses like them, is a member of a famous super-team and had a hot boyfriend Marsha gets miffed when Jack and the kids stole the flying saucer.

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Years ago, an attempt to boost the powers of Jack and his brother Conner Concussion resulted in Conner going mad, killing his teammates, and being exiled into a dimensional vortex by Zoom. It's heavily implied that the crushing grief of his brother going mad and proceeding to kill their friends and teammates along with Zoom having to be the one to imprison his brother zaused Zoom to be unable to use his powers.

Especially about the stunt with the burger drive-in. Summer almost seems to be a direct copy of Jean Gray. I Love Nuclear Power: Blue is good Zoom's powers, Summer's necklace, Tucker's soccer uniform and red is evil Concussion's powers, the cheerleaders' uniforms.

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Marsha it helps that she's portrayed by Courtney Cox. Dylan is suspiciously similar to Sky High 's Warren. When Dylan tests his clairvoyance to find Summer dancing in her room, at the last second she realizes he's there with her empathic power and looks directly into the camera.

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Other than it concerns super-powered people, there is no real overlap between the movie and Jason Lethcoe's original Zoom books and comics.

Thirty years later, a retired and jaded Shepard is called in to train a group of super-powered youngsters, at Area While cruising in their flying saucer, the team lift up a cow with a Tractor Beam. The flying saucer qualifies.

Tucker is similar to Bouncing Boy.

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One of the rejected applicants is "Jupiter, the gas giant". Larraby ironically played by RIP Torn. Marsha admits she was this in her youth. Played straight with Zoom as the Gamma 13 succeded in amplifying his speed powers without a hitch. Academy for Superheroes provides examples of the following tropes: The film is loosely based on the Zoom's Academy children's book series.

Zoom – Academia de Super-Heróis (Zoom – Academy for Superheroes) 2006

Danger Room Cold Open: Despite his actions, this happens to Conner Justified as the main reason this happen was because of the government attempting to power him up with Gamma Near the end, we learn that she blows.

Grant is not exactly evil, but he kinda deserved it. Zoom thought this had happened to him after exiling Conner.

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Larraby's plan to deal with Concussion's return is to juice the kids with Gamma 13, despite the fact that it was being exposed to thirteen times a lethal dose of gamma radiation that turned Concussion into a lunatic in the first place. Getting Crap Past the Radar: Care to guess what his power is?

How Marsha comes to see her idea of Jack, though like the others, it gets rebuilt.

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Unbeknownst to him, the real purpose of their training is so they can battle Concussion, who is on the brink of returning to his home dimension.

For most of the film, Marsha is portrayed as a slightly clumsy scientist fangirl.

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Cindy is one floppy hat away from Molly Hayes. A humorous example, with a Deadly Training Area that shoots paintballs. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Comically Missing the Point: Want a chicken wing? Judging by his face, Jack's "She blows?